Visit Jebel Akhdhar During Rose Blooming Season

By: Ambika Verma|Last Updated: Wed, 05 Apr 2023

Set right at the topmost part of the Hajar Mountain range, Jebel Akhdar which roughly translates to Green Mountains in Oman is an area around the Sayq Plateau situted at an elevation of about 2000m above sea level. The area is considered by many to be one of the must visit places in the Sultanate of Oman and is dotted with wadis, agricultural terraces and stunning mountains views.

Every year in springtime, Jabal Akhdar welcomes the fabulous rose blossoming season which transforms the famous 'Green Mountain' into a vivid bouquet of native pink Damask roses overflowing across the slopes. Each year, Jabal Akhdar's rose blooming season begins around March and lasts well into May. When in full bloom, these stunning flowers cover the mountainside and emit a sweet aroma.

This is a quick drive through winding mountain roads using a 4WD from The View Oman. With roses blooming all through the area, the rose gardens at Jebel Akhdar where they are grown for rose water and more items are a visitors paradise. Starting at the Wadi Al Madeen checkpoint, we follow a 36-kilometer winding road to Al Jebel Al Akhdar, which is popular with all because of its cool climes as this mountain sits at an exceptionally high elevation. The area is famous for its rose gardens and fruit orchards that are laid out in a classic terrace gardening style along the slope of the mountainside and fed by the Aflaj irrigation system and natural springs.

A popular journey here takes one on a short hike from the local Al Ayn village to the Al Aqur rose village with the path being clearly marked with the yellow white orange flags on the Al Aqur side.

The village of Al Ayn offers some spectacular views of the mountains but provides difficult to cross from and one can walk in the old streets and tunnels until you reach the plantations.

And, as you cross to the other village, you get great views of the terrace gardens Jebel Akhdhar is famous for. The region is known for a wide range of flowers and fruits grown here that are regarded as among the best in the nation. On our way to the rose gardens, we will pass through nuerous villages and plantations. Awe-inspiring peaks, deep gorges, and wadis can be seen from these remote villages' vantage points. During the time of year when Damask roses bloom on the surrounding mountain slopes, Jabal Al Akhdar makes for a stunning sight.

Guests can observer these charming Damask blossoms spread their powerful fragrance and decide to opt for a tour through the celebrated rose gardens of Jabal Akhdar. Talk to our team at the View Oman for tour and hike options. These slopes are home to some of the oldest rose distilleries in the region, and some of them still using old-fashioned methods to get different kinds of pure rose water from the blossoms that are harvested.

In traditional distilleries, one can meet the families that continue to make rose water as of this day. Witness how smoked rose water is removed and refined in the homes of the residents. Visitors to the rose gardens here can watch the local producers at work as they expertly move through the various stages of the production of rose water. These stages range from the rose pickers choosing appropriate blooms to the process of moving huge loads of roses into "Al-duhjan," which are traditional mud ovens, for the distillation process.

Visitors can take in the breathtaking beauty of the rose bushes, which are heavy with the weight of roses in full bloom as they emit a sweet scent, as they explore the mountainside. Guests from The View Oman can choose from a variety of guided and non guided hiking and climbing trails in the region. Investigating the oft desolate slants of Jebel Akhdar visitors will find slopes where apricots, pomegranates, olives, pecans and roses prosper in the cooler, high-height temperatures of the region. Enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery, charming traditional villages, and historic rose-water distilleries.

Another well-known product of the area is rose oil, which is distilled in Oman from flowers that grow on the Jebel Akhdhar mountain. One of the most widely used oils in perfumeries, this fragrant oil requires up to thousands of petals to produce a single drop. It is also utilized in various alternate ways including as a scent, in beauty care products, and fragrance based treatment.

Contact our team to find out the best time to visit and plan guided or unguided tours of Jebel Akhdhar.

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