More Local Experience

Evening Campfire

Spend a quiet evening enjoying the warmth of a crackling bonfire in the great outdoors with friends and family.

Village Tour

Explore life in the traditional Omani villages on one of our popular village tours.

Infinity Pool

Enjoy your time lounging by the gorgeous Infinity pool at the resort gazing out at the surrounding valley.

Wadi Bani Auf

It’s a bumpy drive through rocky valleys and dramatic canyons to reach the Wadi, however we get an amazing displaying of the rock structures that showcases the evolution of the Wadi and the rock formation through the ages. We can explore the canyon on foot in some places where we can explore and admire the beauty of the Wadi and the wonder of nature.

Ain Al Thowarah Hot Springs

Relax amid the soothing warm waters of the Ain Al Thowarah Hot Springs.

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