5 Day Itinerary For a Stay At The View Oman

By: Ambika Verma|Last Updated: Sat, 22 Feb 2020

Enjoy a host of fun sightseeing and exciting activities when you opt for this 5 day suggested itinerary for a stay at The View Oman.


Day 1 

Check in to the View Oman

Visit Bait as Safa in Al Hamra
Post breakfast we head down to the foot of the mountain to the Al Hamra village in the Al Dakhliya Region that is situated very close to The View Oman. At the village we will visit Bait Al Safah, one of the most famous museums in Oman. The museum is known as a “living museum”, where locals play the roles of an Omani family imitating routines of ancient villagers of the region. The building itself is built and decorated in the older traditional styles with handmade crafts, as well as ancient Omani furniture, most of which are made of palm leaves, leather pottery, wood and wool.

Return to The View Oman

Enjoy Dinner at the resort with the option for a campfire in the great outdoors.


Day 2

Breakfast at The View Oman

Visit Misfat Al Abrayeen

Our first stop for the day will be Misfat Al Abrayeen, a picturesque mountain village set well over 1000 m above sea level. The village derives its name from the Al Abri tribe and boasts amazing agricultural terraces, beautiful alleys, and old houses built on top of solid rocks. All of these elements combined make for a spectacular sight from the viewing platform, which lies a short distance away from the entrance of the village. Right by the viewing platform, visitors can also pursue the map of the historical parts of Misfat Al Abriyeen along with general information about it, points of interest and useful tips for tourists. The houses in the village of Misfat al Abriyeen are fascinating to explore as they are built in the traditional mud styles with palm-frond roofs and are unique in that they are built on solid rock foundations.

Head to Wadi Ghul and Onwards to Jabal Shams

After exploring Misfat Al Abriyeen we shall head to Wadi Ghul, a truly spectacular marvel of nature. Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Arabia this gigantic Wadi set very close to Jebel Shams and is one of the most popular nature attraction in Oman. This immense canyon is close to a kilometre deep at some points and the Balcony Walk is a spectacular path on the rocky rim of the canyon that leads to an old abandoned village. The route of the balcony walk offers breathtaking views of the canyon, the surrounding mountains and the villages below.
We climb up from Wadi Ghul towards Jabal Shams which translates into English to mean the “Sun Mountain” as it is the first place to receive sunrise in Oman due to having the highest peak. It is set smack dab in the centre of the Western Hajar Mountain range, and the views from here into the Al Nakhur Canyon are absolutely spectacular. The mild climate makes it an ideal place to just sit back and enjoy the destination.

Back to The View Oman

After visiting Jebel Shams we will return to The View Oman for a pleasant dinner under the stars.


Day 3

Breakfast at The View Oman

Set out For Al Hoota Caves

The humongous system of caves that exists underground in the area is the largest known cave system in the Middle east. Named after the village where it was located, the cave extends for more than five kilometres underground, but it may only be accessed for a distance of 860 metres, ending at Cave Lake. There is much to learn and explore within these ancient caves and a guided tour will point out all its marvels. The Cave Lake is located at the end of a footpath and over supposed to be twenty metres deep in most parts, however there are many parts where the depth surpasses that. The lake contains several species of blind fish, and one particular species has turned almost translucent, meaning you can practically see the skeleton of these small fish.

Explore Bahla Fort

This fort is renowned in Oman as the oldest and only UNESCO listed world heritage site of the country. The complex is an outstanding example of an Islamic, medieval era oasis settlement in sandy shades that blends into the arid landscapes of its surroundings. Stepping into the Bahla fort is almost akin to stepping into a labyrinth of settlements, alcoves, rooms and experiencing in person the defensive elements of pre-gunpowder Oman. The construction is made of mud and straw bricks baked at very high temperatures and the fort is built to follow the contour of the rocky mountainside so natural rocks are often part of the constructions, the rooms, the floor or the walls of some of the spaces. The Bahla Fort closes at 11am on Fridays so we would suggest that you plan your trip accordingly.

Stop at a Nearby Restaurant or Enjoy a Packed Lunch

Onwards to Jibreen Fort
Jabreen Fort is another place of interest to visitors as though it is nowhere as ancient as Bahla fort, however, it is the beautiful, intricate work here that draws the crowds to Jabreen Castle. It is different from other Omani forts because it was not built to withstand wartime attacks but as a display of beauty and science making it the most beautiful castle in the Sultanate. Three stories tall, and featuring two towers, the fort has numerous reception halls, dining areas, meeting rooms, a courtroom, a library, and classrooms. The fort interiors are bedecked with decorative windows, carved wooden balconies, graceful arches that are inscribed with Arabic calligraphy, and breathtaking ceiling artwork. The “Sun and Moon Hall”, a special reception hall with fourteen windows and an intricate ceiling with eye-shaped designs is one of the highlights of the fort along with the central yard and the falaj or irrigation channels running through the outer courtyard, which were used here to modulate the temperatures as a early air conditioning system.

Back to The View Oman

Spend the rest of the day at The View Oman, explore the resort, take a dip in the infinity pool and enjoy a pleasant dinner at the restaurant.


Day 4

Breakfast at The View Oman

Head to Nizwa Fort & Souq

After a leisurely breakfast at The View Oman we will set out towards the Nizwa Fort, one of the most popular forts to visit in Oman. It is set apart from other Omani forts due to the cylindrical shape of its main tower and has seven wells, a number of prisons, and prosecution ground. The main tower features many defence mechanisms Omanis used in the past such as pitfalls, honey traps, and gun shooting windows. The fort also contains many exhibits and artefacts displayed in each of the rooms of the fort.
The Souq here is set up in the traditional styles Nizwa Fort and souq is probably the best destination to visit for anyone wishing to explore how Omani used to be like in the old times and is one example of how life still remains somewhat unchanged in villages outside the capital. Nizwa Fort is open every day from 9am to 4pm except on Friday when it opens from 8am to 11am only. 

Return to The View Oman

Enjoy lounging around at the resort; take a dip in the Infinity Pool, play games in the common area and savour some authentic Omani cuisine or explore international delicacies at dinner.


Day 5

Breakfast at The View Oman

Set out on a leisurely hike to a nearby area.

Back to The View Oman 

Check Out and continue onwards in your travel.

This is just one suggested itinerary for your stay at The View Oman. Do talk to our reservations desk about customising it to your desires. You can also modify some parts of this itinerary by covering the same destinations by via hiking or biking tours.


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