A History Lover Guide to a Perfect Stay At The View Oman

Fri, 24 Jan 2020

A vacation at The View Oman is a delight for history buff as the resort, tucked away in the mountainous offers easy access to multiple forts, castles, ancient ruins, and villages of historic import. From a simple drive down to explore the Nizwa Fort and Souq to visiting the Bahla Fort, Jabreen Castle, Al Hamra Town and the prehistoric caves at Al Hoota, you will always end up wishing that you had a little more time to stay at explore the surrounding delights at The View Oman. A tour of the Al Hoota Caves Situated at the base of Oman‘s highest mountain, the Jabal Shams the caves extend over 4.5 km having been been created over a period of more than a many centuries, forming stalactites and stalagmites that hang from the ceilings and reach up from the floor. Theseare the only cave system in the Arabian Peninsula that is open to visitors and a visit her makes for a fantastic experience. The four lakes here create a fascinating ecosystem that is home to various creatures, the most famous of which are the blind fish which are endemic to Al Hoota and are only found here in Oman. Known by locals as ‘Bu Naseh,’ these unique fish lost their eyesight and pigmentation and are also transparent, allowing you to see their skeletons as they swim past. A visit to Al Hamra Town A 400-year-old town that lies close to the View Oman, the town is built on a tilted rock slab and is host to some of the oldest houses in Oman. With ceilings made of palm beams and fronds topped by mud and straw, These houses can be more that three stories high. Those interested in the history of Oman should also visit Bait Al Safa, a living history museum, where locals demonstrate old Omani traditions in a restored mud-brick house. Fort and Souk Visit The Nizwa Fort and Souq lie only a short drive away from the resort and make for a fascinating day outing.

3 Day Itinerary For a Stay at The View Oman

Fri, 31 May 2019

Whether for an extended weekend, as a stopover on a longer vacation or as a short city break, three days at the View Oman make for great memories and builds anticipation for your next visit. So here is a great itinerary for three days at Al Hamra when you stay at The View Oman.

Weekend Getaway Offer at The View Oman

Wed, 15 May 2019

Spend more time experiencing the very best of Al Hamra and its surroundings, because we are making you the offer of a lifetime. Now you can book one room at a discounted rate of OMR 99 and stay for a second night completely free. This season, all guests at The View Oman can explore more of what we have to offer with the second night of their stay on us.

Meeting, Events, and Conferences Amid Nature at The View Oman

Tue, 30 Apr 2019

We understand your penchant for the suave and the sophisticated when it comes to your business. At The View Oman, we make it a point to provide the best business facilities for all corporate meetings and events. Not just for company-wide corporate functions but events and celebrations of all sizes in highly functional environments. Be it intimate cocktail parties or mega birthday bashes, once you choose the The View Oman as your business location, you leave all worries aside. With great dining options, lavishly appointed spaces and well trained staff to take care of the tiniest of details, nothing can go wrong.

Special Offer for the Best Family Holiday in Oman

Thu, 25 Apr 2019

Enjoy the perfect family holiday at The View Oman with this special offer. Whether you are looking for a place to relax and indulge with your family and friends or set off on an exploratory expedition into nature or discover amazing historic destinations, this is the perfect base to organise a family getaway within Oman. Embark on a joyful family vacation, strengthen your ties with your near and dear ones this season and we've got an offer for you that will make it even better - Now you can avail our special Family Adventure package for a family stay at The View Oman starting at 55 OMR only.

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