Explore the Jebel Shams during your stay at The View Oman

Fri, 30 Sep 2022

While the mountain ranges of Oman are not really a secret among visitors to Oman, they are quite underrated and have not gotten the fame that they deserve. The high mountains of Oman are a delight to visit and offer spectacular views of their surroundings and are a haven in the hotter months where most part of the range remain a few degrees cooler than the plains, enticing visitors to head to them. Jebel Shams, a short drive from The View Oman, and the tallest mountain peak of not just the Jebel Akhdar range but also the highest mountain peak in Oman is one such popular destination to visit. Roughly translating to ‘Sun Mountain’ this mountain has gained the name as it is the first to experience the glorious rays of the sun in the morning and the last to see them off due to its sheer height. It is a popular destination one can look down into the narrow and deep gorge of Wadi Nakhr, often called the Arabian Grand Canyon. It is difficult to understand quite how impressive it is, without actually seeing it in person as photos don’t do it justice. While it is made up of the same limestone formation as Jebel Akhdar, the views here are very different from it and its plantations. In Jebel Shams the terrain is a stark contrast as the dry and arid area spreads across a vast mountainous region with views of 1000m high vertical cliffs. Jebel Shams is completely dry, but boasts of an impressive canyon which is purported to be as much as a kilometre deep in some places, making it not just the deepest canyon in Oman but in the entire region. It is a great place to visit all year-round as even in warmer temperatures when it is hot in the valleys, the cool temperature at the top offers a nice reprieve from the blistering heat. In fact due to the high altitude, if you are lucky you may be able to spot snow here in the winters. While one can drive down here from the city for a day trip, the best times to grasp the beauty of the area are at sunset and sunrise which is why staying at a closeby place such as The View Oman is recommended. Visitors can set aside some time to explore the Jebel Shams Balcony walk, a portion of the W6 hiking trail that takes you along the canyon but not at the top. This is a spectacular round trip route that is well-established and is regarded as one of the best treks in the country, but those with vertigo should probably avoid the hike as there are places where you are walking by the cliff looking straight down a drop. The Al Nakhr Canyon’s relatively narrow width makes it appear deeper and more foreboding and with the relatively sparse number of visitors it gets the silence and majesty of the Jebel Shams is a magical experience to enjoy. So come book your stay at The View Oman and plan your visit to Jebel Shams today by calling us at +968 97233189 or emailing us at reservations@theviewoman.com.

Why the View Oman is the Best Place to Explore Al Hamra From

Tue, 20 Sep 2022

Perched high up the hillside some 45km from Nizwa and only a fifteen minute drive from the atmospheric traditional town of Al Hamra lies The View Oman. This luxury eco resort with comfortably setup rooms, an infinity pool looking into the valley, and fabulous service makes it one of the best places to stay in Al Hamra and explore the nearby sights. There are numerous places to visit in and around Al Hamra. Ancient Town of Al Hamra A historic village situated right at the foot of the Hajar Mountains has survived for more than four hundred years and is one of the oldest villages in Oman. It attracts visitors due to its well-preserved row of two and three storey mud-brick houses built by using traditional methods dating back centuries. There are numerous abandoned houses in the upper parts of the village, which make for an atmospheric stroll, especially at sunset. There is a crumbling watchtower looking out over the old part of Al Hamra which visitors should check out. Bait Al Safah This quirky living history museum with its historical displays offers an insight into the lives of the people who settled and continue to live in the area. Guests are accompanied around this traditional house and learn about the history and culture of the area. From the culinary arts of juniper-oil production, to Omani bread-making and coffee-bean grinding, guests get a chance to witness it all and for those that are interested an opportunity for a photo shoot in traditional regional costume can also be arranged. Al Hamra Viewpoint There is a viewpoint about the Al Hamra village, which is a great photoshop as the village is framed by the limestone 'dip slope' of Jebel Shams as backdrop and surrounded by date plantation. The sunset here is a particularly magical sight where the golden beams of the sun hit the village and its surroundings. Among other places to visit around Al Hamra are the mountain of Jebel Akhdar, Misfat al Abryeen, a picturesque village, the Wadi Nakhr Ruins, the Al Hoota caves and the traditional falaj irrigation systems to name a few. Jebel Akhdar Explore the great outdoors at Jebel Akhdar, a massive peak that is part of Al Hajar Mountains range. Here amid the barren slopes you will discover hidden wadis and terrace farms where apricots, pomegranates, olives, walnuts and roses are flourishing in the cooler, high-altitude temperatures present here. Take in the mountains’ panoramic views, small traditional villages and rose-water distilleries. Misfat al Abreyeen An authentic, Omani mud village built right into a mountainside with the traditional mud houses with palm frond roofs, being built on solid rock foundations, Misfat al Abreyeen is made up of houses, shaded passageways, gorgeous gardens and open terraces with amazing views. Wadi Nakhr Ruins Set deep in the mountains this wadi commonly known as the Grand Canyon, is a fair drive through rugged paths. The ruins of the ancient Ghul village are situated on a rocky projection above bright date plantations that overlook Wadi An Nakhur. Al Hoota Cave Located at the foot of Jebel Shams this cave system is estimated to be created about two million years ago. Stretching to almost three miles this is the only show cave in the Arabian Peninsula and offers an incomparable experience for visitors. Al Hamra is one of the best places in Oman to truly experience the culture and traditions of the area and the Omani way of life. So book you stay at the View Oman and reach out to our team to plan your tour of Al Hamra.

Why You Should Plan Your Work Retreat At The View Oman

Wed, 24 Aug 2022

Why You Should Plan Your Work Retreat At The View Oman The View Oman is a thrilling destination for your next incentive program, especially in Oman. Along with a destination packed full of cultural riches, your guests know to expect world-class service and exquisitely comfortable accommodations, with striking modern design and access to all the modern amenities while staying far from the city crowds. Comfort, ease and amazing view are the hallmarks of The View Oman. A sprawling property nestled in a gorgeous valley that requires a 4WD vehicle to cover the last stretch of 7.5 km finally leading up to the resort, making it one of the truly exclusive work retreats in Oman. You will be greeted with stunning panoramas of the surrounding valley as the resort is perched on the hillside with rooms situated a comfortable distance from each other offering plenty of privacy and vast common areas where everyone can get together for events and meetings. The View Oman offers a serene backdrop and excellent work amenities along with unparalleled hospitality making it one of the best options for a work retreat in Oman. Let The View Oman elevate your Omani meeting experience with our incredible amenities and world-class team. Let us take care of all the details so that you can focus on getting things done. When the day ends, relax in our common areas, enjoy a cool dip at our pool, or kick back with your colleagues and toast success. The comfortable room, with private sit out areas, oversized windows and well setup bathrooms create a relaxing atmosphere that starts working as soon as you arrive at the resort. We Ensure You Get Everything You Need Hybrid Meetings While the meetings and events landscape has changed completely post-Covid, we continue to bring people together with re-imagined meetings and events options. Whether you are hosting conferences with large audiences, celebrating a special work anniversary, or just working from a new setting, our professional setup equipped with the latest technology helps to engage audiences and get your message across. Book with us to explore how your meetings can be blended to unite the physical and virtual spaces in one setup. Spacious Accommodations Our 30 Premier and Superior rooms are designed with the modern business traveller in mind. All rooms include a sofa and a raised coffee table, so you can work, lounge or dine in privacy. Our rooms also come equipped with a workstation, a mini fridge, and televisions so you can work or relax at your own pace. A comfortable bed, oversized windows and well equipped bathrooms make post-meeting relaxation a breeze. Flexible Meeting Options Our Multi-Purpose Hall is a hyper-flexible space that can be styled for board meetings, lectures or informal chats. With plenty of natural light, a plethora of setup options including large screens for presentations, it’s ideal for all-day sessions. Other venues for meeting or events at The View Oman include the Valley View Open Air Deck, the Pool Deck, and the Green Area alongside the walkway. In this fast evolving post Covid business world where it is more important than ever to merge both business and human connection, being present is truly valued. Which is why at The View Oman we have innovated and reimagined our meeting spaces to break down borders. With cutting edge innovative lighting, AV, and broadcasting solutions, you and your business’ presence is felt by peers and audiences whether they are with you virtually or physically. Ideal for Hybrid Events Our team will help you plan your next hybrid event which combines the virtual and physical exactly as you wish it to be. Connect with colleagues around the world within the comfort of the sophisticated meetings setup, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Equipped with the latest in business communication options, supported with tasteful lighting, high-end audio system and high-speed dedicated Internet that will enable you to hold live presentations or host a virtual summit even at the highest levels. Customised audiovisual packages are arranged upon request to enable you to connect to the world in the best possible way. Lean on Our Technical Expertise You can leave everything from planning the first rough options to executing the nitty gritty details of your events, to our team of in-house experts, who are ready to assist you in coordinating your hybrid or physical events. Our experts are equipped to handle things at every stage, from facilitating the physical setup of your venues to arranging for virtual meetings and delivering interactive, and secure virtual event solutions. Everything You Need Working tirelessly to elevate every single detail of your itinerary, our in-house teams specialise in identifying new and unprecedented ways to bring your guests together, in order to create a unique sense of community and deepen collaboration. Our team can arrange for all your business needs including but not limited to: Projector AV equipment CD player Film projector LCDPanel LCD projector Microphone Overhead projector PA system portable Rear screen projection TV TV production service provider Video camera Walkie talkie radios Meeting Services Carpenter Copy service Decorator Electrician Photographer Videoconferencing Business Equipment Computers Printers Business Services Copy service Fax service Messenger service Network/Internet printing On-site Business Centre is Staffed Post/parcel Secretarial service Meeting conference setup banners placards, Reception for event/ meet and greet Translator can be arranged on request Overnight delivery/pickup can be arranged on request Portable Stage can be installed on request Activities and Tours can be customised as per preferences Enhanced Health And Safety From carefully managing the flow of event attendees, to creating elevated individual meal options, we at The View Oman provide care, confidence and a seamless experience for meeting and event attendees and The View Oman employees in line with the latest COVID-19 protocols. Exclusives Events And Buyouts Take over the entire property at the slice of paradise. You and your attendees will be offered absolute privacy, with total access to all amenities and services, and you will have plenty of opportunities to wow your guests in style. The ultimate experience for meetings and incentives, transform The View Oman in its entirety into your own and guarantee the highest levels of personalization, privacy and exclusive access to amenities, to ensure all your guests leave this experience feeling individually recognised and rewarded. Buyouts include all guest rooms, function spaces, pool and most areas of The View Oman. The Possibilities are Endless Whether transforming the pool area into your very own live music venue, or hosting a spectacular sunset bonfire for your guests, our talented team of experts will help you design unique and creative experiences in every area of our vast property. With all attendees part of the same group, Buyouts guarantee added privacy and intimacy for guests, providing a secluded setting for confidential product launches, strategic planning sessions or for recognizing top contributors in an intimate setting. Customised Cuisine From coffee breaks with delectable sweets to banquet dinners with specialty drinks, we have you covered. Our innovative team of chefs can create custom menus to suit your group, incorporating local and international flavours and ingredients as desired making for truly memorable meals. Groups can enjoy private dining indoor or outdoor at our inhouse restaurant and by our stunning pool. Treat your guests to something truly special with our incredible outdoor feasts or indulge in a catered meal under the stars Exciting Group Activities Spice up your work retreat by planning some stimulating, enriching and downright-fun group activities. We offer ideas for on-site team building, adventurous excursions and tours that dive deep into Oman’s rich cultural heritage. If you wish to inspire, simply network or even just blow off some steam, there are plenty of group activity options which will match your needs. Whether on-site or off-, at The View Oman we offer a host of ideas for between-meeting breaks or end-of-day fun.

Get Away from Summer at this Picturesque Resort in Al Hamra

Mon, 25 Jul 2022

Kickstart your Summer with an unforgettable stay at this luxurious boutique resort in Oman The View Oman is thrilled to announce an exciting array of new offerings for guests to enjoy this summer. While the weather may be warmer – there is so much more to experience at The View Oman with its many thrilling activities. Located in the picturesque valley in Al Hamra, just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities in Oman, The View Oman is an unexplored haven of serenity.

Twin Stay Offer at The View Oman - Arabian Nights Resort & Spa Oman

Thu, 02 Dec 2021

Twin Stay Offer at The View Oman - Arabian Nights Resort & Spa Oman

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