Al Hoota Cave

Cave Visit at Al Hoota
The Al Hoota Caves is a great example of a Karst cave system made even more exciting by the rare fish which live in its central lake. It is the only cave system in Oman that has been developed for tourism and opened for all visitors. Only about 500m of the 5km long caves are accessible to the public and one has to take a short ride on an electric train to reach the main cave. These massive caves were created by water erosion and are now hold massive stalactites and stalagmites as well and being home to a lake where the fish have adapted to living deep underground by losing their pigment and external eyes. The main cave is equipped with pathways and special lighting systems for guided tours that explain its history and significance. Post the cave visit one can also visit the small geological exhibition there to get a better understanding of the geology of the region and the way the cave was formed.

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