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Your Views

Brian & Jackie (U.K.)
Splendid location. An enjoyable stay with excellent service from friendly staff. Many thanks!

Nola & Ric Clark (China/ Australia)
Wonderful hospitality and fantastic view. We will be recommending to our friends.

Uta & Reinhard (Germany)
Fantastic view, very comfortable room, friendly staff- thanks a lot for a wonderful stay.

Venda Crowther (Australia)
I had no idea that Oman had such a wonderful scenery. The hotel was a pleasure to stay in and the view, unimaginable. Thank you so much.

Ingrid & Simon de Lautour (France)
It all lived up to my expectations. Lovely staff, a very good feel of the place. Thank you.

Freida (U.S.A.)
What a lovely way to spend my birthday. The View is a wonderful getaway and the best staff.

Nathilda & Hassan (Qatar)
Hotel and service are fantastic. Very Luxury rooms and the restaurant's terrace is incredible.

Nicky & Martyn Harris (Muscat)
I confess, I was a bit worried about the new look as I did love the tents. But no need to panic, this is delightful! We love it – really lovely rooms, sublime views, fabulous bathrooms & fantastic extra friendly service. Thank you so much.

Heidy & Erwin Wenger (Switzerland)
It's a beautiful place. Friendly staff. Thank you.

Valerie & Michael (Austria)
Wonderful place, fantastic views, exceptionally friendly staff. We really enjoyed our stay.

Elisabeth Kraus – (Australia)
Stunning views especially of the sunset and sunrise. Helpful, caring and friendly staff. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Hans & Trudi Schaber ( Germany)
We enjoyed our stay only one night. Spectacular location and unique design. Not to forget the excellent service and good food.

Anna, Rencos and family ( Brazil)
Great view! Good infrastructure and friendly staff.

Mrs. H.A. Moody – (England)
A very interesting hotel, aptly named "The View", which is spectacular. Good food.

Family Maenhaut (Belgium)
Beautiful view, perfect location, good food and nice staff.

June & Richard (U.K.)
Warm welcome, well looked after by the staff. Beautiful view from the bedroom and everywhere.

Marion & Ian (U.K.)
We really enjoyed our stay here and the view is superb. Especially in the early morning.

Biggs Family ( U.K.)
Fantastic service and a breath taking view. The accommodation is stylish. Thank you for a lovely stay.

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