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Places of Interest

Making The View your base, you can visit the below tourist attractions

The location of The View makes it an ideal starting point for visiting interesting tourist sites such as:

  • Misfat Al Abreen,
  • The old villages of Al Hamra
  • The stunning Al Hoota Caves
  • The famous Fort of Bahla and Jabreen Castle
  • The beautiful Wadi of Tanuf and Wadi Ghul, Jabal Shams & Jabal Akdhar.

Al-Hoota Cave

One of the world's largest caves!

Al Hoota Cave
  • Al-Hoota Cave is situated in Nizwa, the ancient silversmith town.
  • It is one of the largest cave systems in the world.
  • Just one visit imparts knowledge about local geology and formation.
  • Its unusual life forms beckon all adventure lovers!

Jabal Shams:

Oman's "Grand Canyon"

Al Hoota Cave
Jabal Shams' special appeal lies in the magnificent grandeur of its gorges. Overlooking the natural beauty of Jabal Mosht and Wadi Ghul, it's rightly called the Grand Canyon of Arabia.

    What to experience:
  • Rugs made by weavers from Jabal Shams prized for their bright colours and designs.
  • The Wadi's acacia trees, and the odd ghaf tree - the perfect camping site amidst the quiet landscape.
  • It's great for walks as there are well maintained trekking and hiking paths.
  • Explore the Via Ferrata overlooking the Grand Canyon with an abseil of 200 metres.
  • Take the balcony walk overlooking Wadi Nakhar and leading to the abandoned village.
  • Try the descent walk to the canyon towards the historic village of Wadi Ghul.

Misfat Al Abreen:

Combining modernity with tradition!

Misfat Al Abreen
  • Life on Misfat Al Abreen in Al Hamra is a classic handover legacy practiced by many generations.
  • Its' houses perched on the mountaintop with date palms running next to it are really striking.
  • The flourishing date palm is a rare sight sustained by the Falaj that runs through the village.
  • Till today, people continue to live in these houses.

Jabreen Fort:

A 300 year old marvel!

Jabreen Fort
  • The famous Jabreen Fort was built in 1670 initially as accommodation and then later, as a fort with walls that are 2 metres thick.
  • Its unusual feature: The ceiling within the fort that's elaborately decorated with flower and extract from Koran motifs.
  • As with some Omani forts, the rooms are decorated with antiques, handicrafts and weapons, allowing the visitor to accurately feel how life must have been 300 years ago!

Jabal Akhdar:

Welcome to Oman's highest point!

Jabal Akhdar
  • At about 10,000 feet above sea level, Al Jabal Al Akhdar (The Green Mountain) is one of Oman's highest points.
  • It is inhabited by as much as 54 nuclear communities on the mountain.
  • One of its most alluring sights is the glistening water cascading down the rocky mountain against a sunny backdrop.
  • In one area - Ain Wadi Kotom, there are more than ten major springs.
  • The entire area is linked with a network of Aflaj which hold the water and deliver it, as it were, to the doorsteps of the residents.
  • It has around 300 wadis and streams which flow into the wadis of Nizwa and neighbouring areas of Izki and Al Awabi.

Balad Sayeet Village:

Balad Sayeet Village

Wadi Nakher:

Wadi Nakher



Wadi Gul:

Wadi Gul

Al Hamra:

Al Hamra

Nizwa Fort & Souq:

Nizwa Fort & Souq

Bahla Fort:

Bahla Fort

Birkat Al Mouz:

Birkat Al Mouz

Wadi Al Moaddin:

Wadi Al Moaddin

Bait Al Safa:

Bait Al Safa

Sarafat Al Aiman:

"Tucked away in a remote corner of Al Hamra's rugged mountains, Sharfat Al Aiman is a beautiful location on a 2,000-metre high plateau. Known for nice weather one can walk along the crest with terrific views or enjoy descent walking to Balad Sayeet. There is a guest house on top of the mountain by the name of Al Hoota Rest House.

A village nestling in the valley below Sharfat al Aiman, the viewpoint over Al Jabal al Akhdar.

Bilad Sayeet, a scenic oasis settlement, can be seen at the bottom of the gorge that plunges just beyond the rocky summit of Sharfat Al Aiman. It is cool and breezy even at the mid-day, with white cottony clouds hovering just overhead on this delightful promontory called Sharfat Al Aiman.